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    Trading Platform Testimonials:

    • When I was told about the software's capabilities, I thought this trading software was too good to be true. But after using it, it's the real deal!
      –DaShawn W., Chicago, Illinois
    • This FLIP trader gave me the ability to take my strategies that I was already using and input them into the system-everything is point and click.
      –Jon, New York City, NY
    • It won't buy or sell stock unless it passes different rules. I couldn't watch multiple stocks where there are rules attached but this can.
      –George, Scottsdale, AZ


    • Using the FLIP trader, you let it do its job after you pick your stocks and systems. I feel I'm in control of my finances. It's a great feeling!
      –Victor, Scottsdale, AZ
    • I've been trading for years, and the FLIP platform is the best tool that I've found that can both backtest stocks and be set to automatically trade.
      –Cory R.
    • One position that I was holding went up significantly in a matter of minutes. FLIP grabbed that profit as soon as the position started turning. I love this technology!
      –Robert, New York City, NY


    • There is nothing to download. I just login, type in a stock symbol and the system shows me different options to choose from based on prior data performance.
      –Andrew H., NY
    • I always found other trading systems to be difficult to setup and understand. Not FLIP. Its fully web-based and allows me to simulate before I trade live.
      –Sharon W.
    • I love how I can back-test different systems before risking any real money. The system tells me which system has previously performed the best with each stock.
      –Steven P., Los Angeles, CA